2023 Layoffs Linkedin: What News Has Been Updated at Blind Platform? Know Latest Updates Here!

Latest News 2023 Layoffs Linkedin

The 2023 layoffs linkedin are impacted by numerous workers. Uncover the recently updated facts regarding this layoff.

Are you a working professional? Did you notice that several companies are laying off their employees? It is very difficult for many professionals to cope with this situation. It financially affects several upcoming professionals from the United States, Canada, India, and Ireland. 

Are you also the victim of this situation? Then you must get the complete updates regarding the 2023 layoffs linkedinNumerous people are taking precautionary steps to overcome this circumstance. So, you must also be ready with backup plans and current scenarios. Look for the full knowledge below.

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The LinkedIn layoff

Microsoft Corp’s ten thousand workers’ layoff had impacted drastically among the workers of Linkedin. The report published on 13th February 2023 mentions that the Microsoft-owned business, which focused on social networking sites, resulted in Layoffs at LINKEDIN recruitment department.  

The number of workers layoff from this department in LinkedIn is not specified yet. However, no statement has been announced by Linkedin officials regarding this layoff.

What are the layoff employees currently up to?

Microsoft announced a layoff of 1000 employees and tons of workers in all the technology companies connected with the professional networking website. This site provides knowledge on looming layoffs in the market. It is not a LinkedIn platform but Blind. 

Around six thousand Microsoft employees logged in and created an account on the Blind platform. This platform flooded with new creations in between 13th January to 18th January. All these workers aim to use their service to guess the coming layoff in the future. 

What sets blinds different from Linkedin?

Layoffs are spread widely in Silicon Valley in the last few months. The blind platform had taken a step to help the workers with the right speculation regarding the approaching Layoff. Many workers are now open for work. Blind allows employees to communicate anonymously about their work which is not feasible on LinkedIn. 

What sets blinds different from Linkedin

Some affected employees of the 2023 layoffs linkedin had made a group on several other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more. It helps them coordinate with each other, grab information, and build connections for new jobs.

More on Linkedin Layoff

Though there is no official announcement by LinkedIn officials, several reports confirmed that Microsoft, a parent company of LinkedIn, had taken charge and announced the layoff. They mentioned that numerous employees had been handed over a pink slip.

The news official reported that 2023 layoffs linkedin were expected earlier. It is because of their previous announcement of slowing down their hiring process.

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The recruiting unit of Likedin layoff  was publicized in several reports. These are believed to be the impact of the layoff help in Microsoft firm. However, the confirmation has not been officially announced yet. 

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2023 layoffs linkedin –FAQs

Q1. When was the hiring process on LinkedIn announced?

November 2022

Q2. How many employees are affected by the 13th February layoff? 

The numbers are unspecified yet.

Q3. Who is the CEO of the LinkedIn platform?

Ryan Roslansky

Q4. Did the LinkedIn CEO confirm anything related to layoff?

Earlier, in November 2022 CEO of LinkedIn confirmed that there are no management plans regarding layoff. Moreover, he ensured they would freeze the hiring process for some time.

Q5. Who was chiefly impacted after the Microsoft layoff?

Employees of Metaverse, Azure, and Github were largely impacted.

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