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Who was attacked by an alligator?   

An 85 years old woman was attacked by an alligator when she was with her dog. The name of the woman is Gloria Serge. She was looking in another direction when a raptor approached her dog. Serge moved from the shore to the ground. The audio of the 911 call also became viral on various social media platforms. The video clip has spread across mainstream media platforms. The video shows that the raptor plunged into Gloria Serge and her dog. The video became Viral On Reddit and other platforms.

The Person Who Called 911

Carol Thomas called the FWC officials. Carol kept updating them regarding the incident to help Serge by giving them a pole in her hand. Carol told the officials that a huge raptor had attacked Serge. When the officials inquired about the incident, the raptor had already dragged the woman to the water. The rescue team, including Carol Thomas, experienced a horrible incident. The family members and other close people were shocked by such an incident. The raptor kept the body of Serge under the water for almost eight minutes. The incident took place in Florida.

The Video Became Viral on Instagram

The video also became viral on Instagram apart from other platforms. The FWC team reached the spot. Although the team was able to recover the body from the lake, the lady had died. The woman died because of fatal injuries. The officials initiated an investigation regarding the Alligator’s attack on the woman. The FWC team asked the people to stay away from the raptors. The people of Florida are sad and afraid after watching the video of the attack. The team had asked the people to call when they could spot the Alligator. The people have shared the link to the Youtube video.

How Did The Alligator Attack the Woman?

How Did The Alligator Attack the Woman

The woman, named Gloria Serge, was walking with her dog near a lake in Pinellas County. Then an alligator came out of the water and dragged her under the water. The incident was recorded on CCTV. The video of the incident became viral across the country. Many people have been able to watch the full video on Telegram. People are discussing the incident. The video footage has caused outrage on social media. Many people could not watch the video. Many viewers are mourning such an unfortunate incident. The people are expressing their condolences to the family of the woman. The FWC committee has warned the people and asked them to be careful because there is a probability of repeating such incidents near the lake.

Many Twitter users have expressed their concern regarding the incident. People have become alerted. 

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Everyone is shocked to see the video where an alligator attacks an older woman. The CCTV footage has grabbed the attention of the people. The people are discussing the incident. Even some people are not able to watch the video. To know more, please visit the link.

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Florida Woman Alligator Real Video-FAQs

Q1. What was the name of the woman?

Gloria Serge.

Q2. How old is the woman?

85 years old.

Q3. Who did call 911?

Carol Thomas.

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