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Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Anonymous the Bin Reddit to learn about his actions and revenge clip.

Did you know about Bin? A mysterious character that claims to uncover corrupt political leaders and government officials! Bin posted screen shorts and images of government orders, and also included user IDs and passwords of people in power in the United States and Canada! It is what Bin had done. Would you like to know more details about his activities on the web? Then, let’s check about Anonymous the Bin Reddit.


About Bin Reddit posts:

On 9th/April/2023, a link was shared by Redittor @anonymous, which has 94.6 subscribers. The link was specified as doxes posts where users can post anonymous messages. However, the link on Reddit redirected viewers to Twitter @anonopsunited pages, where a 00:01:28 seconds video was posted. The video file was 1.51 Mb in size.

The video featured a human sitting in front of a projector in a dark room. The projector played random text and numbers that projected on the human mask. The person moved his head. However, he was wearing a mask. Anonymous Bin Website, his name and identity remain unknown to date.

The rage in the video:

The voice in the video sounds similar to a bot. The video message said that people had given the government enough time. They had warned the government. But, the government has overstepped its power by removing members of state legislatures and by passing laws to examine the private organs of transgender children.

Disclosures in the video:

The masked person, also known as Anonymous the Bin, said several accounts were breached, and the account information, user IDs, and passwords were posted on the internet, which is now accessible worldwide via Anonymous the Bin Twitter posts. 

As per sources, Bin specifically spoke about Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-14) and her passwords – Boortz and Perewin7, about Republican Representative Lauren Boebert (CO-03), and PH (a grownup website) account details of US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas!

Circulation of video and images:

The Bin video received over 1 million views on Twitter and 3,270,200+ views on TikTok. Several accounts on Tiktok shared the video and the images shared by Bin. The images contained user IDs and passwords of people in power. In addition to three names mentioned earlier What Has Anonymous Done differently? As per sources, he also posted user IDs and passwords of Virginia Foxx, Andy Jassy, Jen Psaki, Neil Gorsuchs wife, Madison Cawthorn, Amy Coney Barretts husband, Samuel Alitos wife, Brett Kavanaugh’s wife, Clarence Thomas wife, Jeff Bezos, 5 Scotus members, and more. 

Twitter account posts:

The initial Twitter account on which the information was posted was @AnonButt3rfly, which was banned due to policy violation. However, Bin has several accounts on TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook, which include @AnonOpsSE, @AnonOpsUnited, Etc.

Social media links:


At the end of his Anonymous the Bin Reddit video, Anonymous the Bin said that human rights and civil rights are not negotiable. The video circulated amid the failure to disclose the luxury trips of Clarence Thomas in private jets and yacht provided by real estate giant Harlan Crow and by the Republican megadonor. However, Clarence Thomas said that he had complied with the disclosure guidelines.

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Anonymous the Bin Reddit – FAQ

Q1. What was the other information leaked on Anonymous the Bin’s social media account?

There were images of emails from government officials negotiating with people in power to deposit money in their (or) political party’s account in favour of getting certain jobs done.

Q2. Why did Anonymous the Bin post breached information?

As the video message stated, it is assumed that Bin thinks the government is suppressing human and civil rights.

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