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Cansu Demirci LinkedIn write-up has summarized all the details of the Selena series actress and shared related links.

Do you remember the fantasy fiction series Selena that was broadcasted from 2006 to 2009? Are you searching for the actress who played Selin Aykar in this series? The keyword “CansuDemirci” is trending on social sites like Twitter and Instagram as netizens’ search for the actress reached another level.

The Turkish television series left its mark on the audience, but Cansu Demirci left the acting job and remained unnoticed for a long time. Netizens Worldwide are sharing the screenshots to acknowledge that they have found a real Cansu account, Cansu Demirci LinkedIn has more on this story.


Disclaimer: The post content is based on an internet investigation and has shared information for the audience. It does not intend to harm or tarnish the image of the people mentioned in the article.

LinkedIn Profile Cansu Demirci:

There are many profiles on LinkedIn with the name Cansu Demirci. Most people with this name belong to Turkey and work with different companies. One LinkedIn profile that matches Selena actress is of Cansu D. This profile shows Cansu working with McKinsey and Company as capabilities and Insight officer in Lisbon, Portugal.

The early educational details of Cansu D match with the actress Cansu Demirci. This profile also shows that the candidate is completing a master’s in International affairs from the University of Bremen, Germany. Cansu D was a legal analyst with Cognizant before joining the consultancy firm.

Cansu Demirci Instagram and other social media Accounts:

The former Turkish actress appears to be trying to hide her identity from the public as it is hard to find her authentic account. She posted some videos of hers on YouTube and Tiktok platform in 2018. People are debating that the fake Instagram account of the former Turkish actress is also active on the internet with the name cansudmrcofficial.

It also has images of the actress, but netizens are terming this account fake. One Instagram account cansudemirciofficial has removed the pages and is inactive. Many Cansu Demirci Instagram accounts are available in digital space, but it’s hard to find the actual account of the Selena actress.

Cansu Demirci Wiki:


Cansu Demirci
Date of Birth  25th April 1992
Place of Birth  Istanbul, Turkey 
Nationality  Turkish
Profession  Actress, Analyst
Active years in television  2004-2014
School  Australian High school
University  Yildiz Technical University
Parents  Not known
Marital status  Not known
Height  1.65 meters
Net worth  Not known
Famous for  Acting in the TV series Selena
Trending on 

Twitter and other social sites.

The exact details about the actress are hard to get as Cansu remains away from public life and keeps her identity secret.

Cansu Demirci Nerede:

Some keywords like #cansudemirci, #dilarakurtulmus, #Selena, #Sinemkobal, and others are trending on Twitter and other social sites. A fan of the Selena series wondered where the actress had been all these years and researched the internet to find the photos of her Master’s degree. The search for the actress has begun, and many are claiming to found her actual account.

Social Media Links:

Final verdict:

The actual location of the actor is hard to find, but there are recent images and videos of Cansu Demirci available on social media sites. 

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Cansu Demirci LinkedIn: FAQs

Q.1 What character was played by Cansu Demirci in the TV series Selena?

Cansu played the character of Selin Aykar in the Selena series.

Q.2 Why Cansu Demirci left her acting career?

The reason Cansu left her acting career is not in public.

Q.3 Is Cansu Demirci available on the Instagram platform?

It is hard to find the actress’s Instagram account as she has kept her identity secret.

Q.4 Does Cansu Demirci has a boyfriend?

We have no personal details of the Selena actress.

Q.5 Is the Cansu Demirci profile available on the LinkedIn platform?

It appears that Cansu Demirci LinkedIn profile is available on the Internet.

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