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About Cruel Instruction

A real event inspires the film Cruel Instruction. The film has been trending recently. The story of this film is about a 16 years old girl named Kayla Adams. Kayla was expelled from school, and the school counselor advised her mother, Karen, to send Kayla to a youth residential treatment center for her treatment. Kayla arrived at the center on the same day. She met her roommate Amanda who was aware of the situations of the girls there. Amanda was also a treatment program veteran. The Headmistress, Miss Connie, led the center. This was the Synopsis of the film. 

Situations Faced by the Girls

The Headmistress and the staff used draconian methods to feed medications and impose punishment. The medications were fed forcefully, and girls were kept in solitary confinement. Even girls also had to face verbal and physical assault. These methods were used to keep the students within the limit. Later the girls united together to expose the assault they faced by them to the outside world. This film of 1 hour and 28 minutes has also helped people to teach many lessons. This crime drama film has shown the possibilities of various situations in the real world.

Cruel Instruction Wikipedia

Many top actors in the industry starred in the film. These full casts include Kelcey Mawema, Mackenzie Murdock, Camryn Manheim, Calder Stewart, Morgan Taylor Campbell, Sydney Scotia, and Meghan Grant, etc. Kelcey played the role of Kayla, and Morgan casted Amanda. People praised the roles played by all the cast members. Their acting was able to fascinate the people and dive deep into the story. The film represents the helpless situation of young girls in a treatment centre. Although people are trying to find out the details of the film on Wikipedia, the film is not available on the Wiki. Instead, another film, the cruel intention, is available. The Ending of the film is also inspiring as the girls come out to expose the assault to the world.

The Director and the Writer of the Film

The director of Cruel Instruction is Stanley M. Brooks, and the Writer is Adrienne Rush. Stanley is a popular film and television producer and director from America. He produced more than 60 films and television. Among these, Broken Trail is a critically acclaimed miniseries. He graduated from Brandeis University and received Post Graduate degree from American Film Institute. He was also the President of Guber-Peters Television. His miniseries Broken Trail received Emmy Awards for outstanding miniseries. Cruel Instruction Wikipedia has also gained popularity for depicting a real story wonderfully.

Brooks also produced a telefilm called Prayers for Bobby, which received an Emmy nomination. Later in 2010, Brooks was appointed Chairman of the California Film Commission.

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The film Cruel Instruction grabbed the attention of the people and was rated 6.5 stars in IMDB. The difficulty faced by the girls is depicted perfectly in the film. People were also able to get a grasp of the real event. To know more, please visit the link 

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Cruel Instruction Wikipedia-FAQs

Q1. How old was Kayla Adams?

16 years old.

Q2. Who did play the role of Kayla?

Kelcey Mawema.

Q3. Who was the roommate of Kayla?

Amanda Scheff.

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