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The article explains Joe and His viral video on social media which people can gather by reading Joe Westerman Video on Reddit.  

What is the news that is spreading across social media? What was available on the video? Did you get any news related to the video spread across social media? If not, look at the article below to learn more about it.

Joe Westerman’s news is trending Worldwide since he is a famous rugby league player. His fans are eager to know about the case. Consider reading the article Joe Westerman Video Reddit to know more about it.     

What was in the video?

As per sources, as a result of a video allegedly showing Joe Westerman engaging in an irrelevant act in public, Castleford Tigers have fined him and ordered him to perform community service. There is graphic footage on social media. A public apology was issued by Westerman, who Castleford has punished for his actions. The club announced on Monday morning that their internal investigation was in progress, and, hours later, confirmed the punishment. Joe Westerman Video Watch is trending on social media.

As per, Westerman is the father of three children. He admitted that the man in the video was him. Joe performed an indecent act with the woman in an alleyway. Castleford Tigers, the club where he played for two years, released a remorseful statement from the England international. In the statement, it was mentioned that he apologized to his friends and family for the things he performed. The Castleford Tigers, as well as his teammates and supporters, also apologized. The Joe Westerman Video Alley Twitter is also spreading on other social media platforms. Lauren, the athlete’s wife, reacted to the deleted post. 


What was in the video

What her wife mentioned?

As per sources, she stated that it was very clear that the woman in the video was not she. They had three kids, in which the age of one was 15 years, and she could not digest the things trending in social media.

An investigation was started for the video by the Castleford Tigers. Since they know that the video involves a team player who performs against the rules. Even though Joe asked to apologize, people did not stop to comment negatively. The team took the Joe Westerman Full Video issue internally, so the club made no comments. The club ordered him to teach the young children about the effects of liquor and the dangers in the point of the public. Lauren mentioned that she does not want to speak about the graphic video of her husband with different women. When she heard about the news, he stopped talking with Joe. And she also asked to give them privacy and not to share such videos since their children might see them.

Personal details

Full name: Joe Anthony Westerman

DOB: 15 November 1989

Age: 33

Height: 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)

Weight: 111 kg


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As per the investigation, the famous ruby league player Joe Westerman’s video went viral on social media on Sunday. His age was 33. The club members have handled the investigation. And stated that they would support Joe and his family members in this difficult time. Gather more details online.

Castleford Tigers issue statement after lewd video of Joe Westerman goes viral
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Joe Westerman Video Reddit- FAQ        

Q1. Who is Joe Westerman?

He is an English rugby league footballer.

Q2. What was in the video?

A video with a woman involved in an offensive act.

Q3. Who investigated the case?

The Castleford Tigers.

Q4. How many children’s he has?

He has three children.   

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