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In this article, you will see the control statement of John Oliver in Lastsqueaktonight .com. Find out his reference with Chuck E Cheese.

Do you watch the John Oliver show Last Squeak Tonight? Why does the last night show bring John Oliver into controversy? The controversial and trolling show Last Squeak Tonight is back in LimeLight after terrible statements and trolls of John Oliver. Last night’s show was about the downfall of Chuck E Cheese and its characters. 

Many people in the United States are upset with the dreadful comment of John Oliver. However, the show was uploaded on its official channel. Find out what John Oliver said in his video on Lastsqueaktonight .com.

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Inside Chuck E Cheese video

In The last Squeak Tonight video, John Oliver introduced the episode dedicated to home ownership. The video was uploaded on Sunday night at the official channel of Lastsqueaktonight.com. John made a joke about youngsters and children below the age of 35 regarding buying a house. 

He passed a comment that not everyone below the age of 35 will never be able to buy a home because they were born after 1998. The reference to Oliver’s giving this comment is Chuck E cheese. He was joking that people born in the error of Chuck E Cheese never understand the meaning of home.

Last Squeak Tonight John Oliver 

The show was released on its website on Sunday night and HBO Max. People were excited to see the controversial statement about the famous Chuck E cheese. Instead, he roasted people under the age of 35. Oliver mentioned that we would not let you feel alone there, for we created an alternative story about Chuck E cheese. It is an American institution where the children go with their families.

People do not find Oliver’s statement respectful. However, they show the power of social media by making memes and booing Oliver. Many teenagers also post pictures of their luxurious life as social media influencers.  

Last Squeak Tonight 

It is an American comedy show. Last Squeak Tonight is the video’s title by John Oliver, trolling people under 35 with Chuck E cheese. The talk shows of Olivier are mostly controversial with political statements and trolling the government of the United States. The weekly show is always in LimeLight due to its controversial political jokes. 

However, the Chuck E Cheese video gained fame after its release. While people enjoyed the show, many did not appreciate Oliver’s decisive behaviour regarding buying a house. You can check out the video on the official website Lastsqueaktonight.com.

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Final verdict

The famous comedian John Oliver passed a controversial statement about people under 35. He mentioned that people below 35 belong to the generation of Chuck E cheese. He also said that these people could not afford a home. Many people did not appreciate the controversial statement and started trolling him back.

Have you ever visited Chuck E Cheese? Comment below.

Lastsqueaktonight .com: FAQs

Q1. When did John Oliver premiere the first show of last week tonight?

The first show of Last Week Tonight, was premiered on 19 April 2014

Q2. On which channel can we watch the show?


Q3. Who is the founder of Chuck E Cheese?

Nolan Bushnell.

Q4. What is the length of the video?

The video is 28:20 mins.

Q5. Can we watch John Oliver videos online?

Yes, the videos available on their official website Lastsqueaktonight.com

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