Njoro Wa Uba Cause of Death (May 2023) What Killed Njoro Wa Uba?

Latest News Njoro Wa Uba Cause of Death

Njoro Wa Uba Cause of Death, keep perusing to learn about the ailment and passing of the Kenyan entertainer Duncan Ochonjo, who featured in the show Njoro Wa Uba.

Njoro Wa Uba Reason for Death

Ochonjo, a notable TikTok content maker and entertainer from the well known Program “Njoro Wa Uba Cause of Death,” has unfortunately died. The capable jokester met with an unfortunate end the previous evening while at the same time going through treatment at a nearby medical clinic. Entertainer Sandra Dacha took to web-based entertainment to impart the lamentable news to Ochonjo’s fans, uncovering that he died at 2 am.

“Simply seven days prior, we carried you to the emergency clinic, Ochonjo Tony Duncan. Today, at 2 am, Dunco said his last farewell. We recognize the certainty of death since life can’t exist without it. You have abandoned treasured recollections that will always stay in our souls. Find happiness in the hereafter, Ochos, until we meet once more,” Sandra composed on her virtual entertainment stages.

What Killed Njoro Wa Uba?

As indicated by reports, he had been confessed to the emergency clinic because of difficulties with his liver. Tragically, his condition disintegrated further. Besides, his dear companion Peter Ouma uncovered that the entertainer died while getting treatment at Kiambu Level 5 Emergency clinic.

Ouma expressed, “Ochonjo will be profoundly missed. He capitulated to liver and kidney disappointment. Right now, his body stays at Kiambu Level 5 Clinic.” Ouma referenced that they were making courses of action to move him to Chiromo Morgue.

Is Njoro Wa Uba Alive?

On Thursday, May 11, Ochonjo, an entertainer known for his part in the famous show “Njoro wa Uba,” died at a close by clinic. His dear companions shared subtleties of his last minutes, uncovering that he died at 2 am. Ochonjo, otherwise called Brian Njogu, showed up in different neighborhood television programs zeroed in on diversion.

He teamed up with eminent jokesters in the country, for example, Mike Wako and Onsogo, making plays that profoundly reverberated with the crowd and later stretching out his impact to the Luo satire scene. Also, he played remarkable parts in nearby television dramatizations as tv Ramogi’s “Nyarkochia” and KTN’s “Mhweshimiwa” series.

Njoro Wa Uba Genuine Name

The late Ochonjo, whose genuine name was Tony Duncan Ochonjo, acquired notoriety as a TikTok content maker and entertainer on the well known Network program “Njoro was Uba.” Unfortunately, he died on Thursday, May 11, leaving his fans in profound grieving.

Lauryn Omondi communicated her distress, saying, “You had areas of strength for a soul, yet fate had an alternate arrangement. God’s will has been satisfied. Find happiness in the hereafter, Dunco liberated from torment. At 2 am, you took your last bow. May the heavenly messengers invite you heartily.”

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