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 Have you heard of Norbert Olmscheid’s news? How old is Norbert Olmscheid? What occurred with Norbert Olmscheid? Why are people discussing Norbert Olmscheid? How did Norbert die? Would you like to know about the trending news? We are going to discuss Norbert Olmscheid’s death news here. 

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Check the details on Norbert’s Obituary news!

Norbert Olmscheid, a resident of St. Cloud and a 70-year-old man, died in a car crash on 21st April 2023. Know more about Norbert’s Biography in the later segments. Norbert John Olmscheid faced the accident at the 1700 block of 6th Avenue North around 8p.m. 

Later, Norbert was rushed to the St. Cloud hospital as he sustained injuries, and Norbert was declared dead. We have discussed more on Norbert’s Obituary in the below section.

What is the reason for Norbert’s death?

A 16-year-old boy, Israel Muyaya Madimba struck Norbert Olmscheid with a stolen car. The boy is arrested for lifetime imprisonment under charges for first and second-degree murder cases. Norbert Olmscheid was pronounced dead after he was rushed to the hospital.

Norbert’s Obituary, Funeral & Net worth!

After the tragic death of Norbert John Olmscheid, people are discussing his obituary. However, by far, Norbert’s family members or close ones didn’t share any funeral or obituary details on the Internet platforms. As Norbert Olmscheid was a common man and not a celebrity, his nets worth details are not available on the Internet.

A Twitter post circulated on the internet platform. A Media house named West Central Tribune shared a post. The post was captioned as a 16-year-old boy facing murder charges in St. Cloud for a hit & run case.

Know about Norbert’s Family!

  • Parents– Not Available.
  • Siblings- Unknown.
  • Children- Not Mentioned.

Was Norbert Olmscheid Married?

Norbert’s marriage details are not available on the Internet platform. Nor the details for his affair are available. Thus, we are not aware of Norbert’s present marital status.

A Reddit user shared news and stated that a Pedestrian struck by a driver allegedly fleeing from police died.

Norbert’s Wiki details!

As Norbert Olmscheid was not a celebrity, therefore, his Wiki details are not available on the online platforms. Still, we have tried to provide limited details on his personal life.


Real Name Norbert John Olmscheid.
Profession Not available.
Date Of Birth 1953. (Not confirmed)
Resident St. Cloud.
Wife Name Not available.
Marital Status Not provided.
Zodiac Not Available

70 years.

Know about Norbert’s Nationality & more!

  • Nationality- Unknown.
  • Religion- Not available.
  • Ethnicity- Not stated.

Check the details on his Career & more!

  • Career- The details of his Career are not provided on the Internet.
  • Education- Not specified.
  • Early Life- As he is not a celebrity, details on his early life are also unavailable.

Detail on Norbert’s Height & More!

  • Height- Not mentioned.
  • Weight- Not given.
  • Death- 21/04/2023.

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Norbert Olmscheid died in a tragic car crash, and the culprit was arrested for the offense. Norbert Olmscheid was declared dead, but his family didn’t share any obituary details on the Internet. Also, check the details on how you can find obituary and death notices

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Norbert Olmscheid Obituary-FAQs

Q1. What happened to Norbert Olmscheid?

ANorbert Olmscheid faced a fatal accident and died near St. Cloud.

Q2. Who killed Norbert Olmscheid?

A boy identified as Israel Muyaya Madimba killed Norbert Olmscheid.

Q3. What are the charges Norbert’s murderer is facing?

AHe is facing first & second-degree murder charges and life imprisonment.

Q4. Did the culprit admit his offense in front of the police?

Yes, the culprit admitted his offense and faced the charges for his offense.

Q5. Where is Norbert’s murderer now?

He is in the Juvenile detention center.

Q6. How much is Norbert’s murderer’s bail set for?

It was decided for $2 million without any conditions or $ 1 million with conditions applied.

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