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Did you ever visit an Orange Crush Bathroom event? Was your experience good while visiting the event? The Orange Crush event is getting some negative attention from social media. But do you know why? It is because of the viral footage of a mother and a daughter.

Several public attending Orange Crush events from the United States got a bad experience here. On the line of this, the girl and a daughter getting attacked by some crowd went trending has Orange Crush Bathroom Video TwitterRead further for detailed knowledge.

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Detail knowledge about the incident

The attack by some crowd against a daughter and mother at the Orange Crush beach party event is getting viral. This chaotic incident took place on 22nd April 2023. However, its video got attention later after releasing on social platforms like Twitter. 

The video shows a chaotic scene in the bathroom of the event. Some sources reported that the attack was during the beach party.

What is visible in the original clip?

The clip on the social platform shows that several party attendees at the Orange Crush event are approaching a girl and her mother. The clip shows the group of people attacked both of them and behaved inappropriately. 

The sources in the event confirm that a mother and daughter faced beating and robbing. However, it is unclear in the Video.

Are the culprits involved caught by the officials? 

The Police department appeal to the public to support them with some assistance. This may help the officials to trace the individuals involved in this attack on the beach.  

Currently, a single warrant is issued by law enforcement. It is because police officials find it difficult to trace the exact individuals involved in the offence. To date, no arrests have been made.

Besides, many publics raise their concerns to the officials by sharing the clip in the Orange Crush Tybee Island.

Other incidents on Orange crush event 2023

Like the mother and daughter attack, several other incidents built a negative attraction. One Twitter user present at the event mentioned that somebody in an event tossed a bottle in the ambulance present there. They even twerked on the stretcher too.

Moreover, the event created a jam and accidents triggering trouble for the visitors and residents. The crowd gathered at the Orange Crush party event resulted in noise and alarming complaints.

Continue to read about Orange Crush 2023 now in the below section.

Orange Crush event of 2023

The Orange Crush is the party event that takes place every year on Tybee Island, Georgia. In 2023 the event attracted around forty thousand to fifty thousand people. This event was one of the largest festive that grabbed the attention of HBCU, a black college student.  

The sponsor of the orange crush event is Savannah State University. This event is on the process since 1988. It has majorly occupied a space on Tybee Island. 

The official event that is online is as follows:

  • Halfway Halloween Bar Crawl- 20th May at 3pm
  • Coastal Cowgirl-13th May at 9pm
  • Cinco De Mayo Bar Crawl-5th May at 4pm

The Festival mostly lasts for numerous days from April to June every year. The event regularly faces several complaints like accidents, illegal activities, litter, attacks and more.

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The orange crush accident footage is viral among the internet. The event is to enjoy the festival, but the unnecessary nuisance by some public spoils it drastically. 

Have you ever visited the Orange Crash event? Share your experience in the comments.

Orange Crush Bathroom Video Twitter –FAQ

Q1. Does the Orange Crush event location get permission?

No, the event took place in a non-permitted location.

Q2. Who is the promoter of the Orange Crush event? 

Britain Wigfall

Q3. When was Orange Crush event in 2023 held?

21st April 2023 to 23rd April 2023.

Q4. Did anyone shoot during the chaos? 

Officials confirmed that no one was shot during the Orange Crush beach event.

Q5. Did anything get destroyed in the event? 

An angel statue in Saint Michael’s cathedral church was damaged during the Orange Crush event.

Q6. Who owns the trademark of the Orange Crush event?

 George Ransom Turner III

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