Everything You Should Know About Otto Kilcher’s Son Levi Kilcher

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Everything You Should Know About Otto Kilcher’s Son Levi Kilcher– Levi Kilcher, 42, is an American television personality who comes from a family of media personalities. He appears on the Discovery Channel’s premium reality television series, Alaska: The Last Frontier.”

He is one of Otto Kilcher’s sons, one of the Kilcher family leaders portrayed on Alaska: The Last Frontier.

Who exactly is Levi Kilcher?

Levi Kilcher, the son of Otto Kilcher and Sharon Mckemie, was born on the March 9, 1981, in Homer’s works Alaska, in the United States of America. He has a brother, Eivin Kilcher, in addition to half-brothers August Kilcher, the son of Otto and Charlotte, his third wife, with Torrey, the son the Charlotte as her first husband, with whom she was married before Otto.

In terms of formal schooling, Levi studied Homer High School, but his dad Otto Kilcher educated at home him in the several key skills required to flourish in Alaska’s harsh climate. Levi received his Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from Oregon State University on 2010, and his research interests include tidal mechanisms, ocean turbulence, and surface waves.

In terms of his marital status, he is wed to his adored wife, Jessie Luna. She studied Global Ecology and Sustainable Development at Geneva’s Graduate Institute of International & Development Studies. She additionally majored in Sociology at the University de Colorado, Boulder, where she graduated in 2018. She is a previous Fulbright Research Fellow and a faculty member at Colorado State University. Jessie enjoys horseback riding, hitchhiking, and discovering new locations.

Levi, although being a cast member of “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” does not appear much on the show and likes to stay behind the scenes, so consequently little is known regarding his personal life.

Levi Kilcher’s height, weight, and age are unknown.

He is currently 42 years old. Levi has grey eyes and short light brown hair & a beard. His height, weight, and other critical details are currently missing.

Levi Kilcher’s net worth is unknown.

He has amassed an estimated net worth of $550,000 with his successful career as an actor on the show “Alaska: The Last Frontier” as well as other occupations.

Levi Kilcher’s nationality and ethnicity are unknown.

Kilcher is of Swiss descent and an American national.

What is Levi Kilcher’s occupation?

Levi Kilcher oversees the activities of the National Renewable Energy Lab in maritime energy source evaluation, location identification, & site characterization. He is currently leading a multi-laboratory project funded by the Department of the Environment (DOE) to characterise resource and site attributes at top-tier tidal and wave energy sites across the country.

He advised Alaskan indigenous tribes on energy solutions that were suited for their environment as a component of the DOE-funded START initiative in 2012 and 2013.

He actively contributes to the establishment of marine energy performance & resource evaluation standards. He was invited to speak during the REAP (Renewable Energy Alaska Project) Energy Speaker Series in 2018.

Levi recently announced his ambition to work as a woodworker, forming the company “Farenorth Design.” He has already created a logo for his business and is about to publish its website.Levi’s family is constantly filming for the Discovery Channel’s TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” which premiered on December 29, 2011.

Levi Kilcher has children?

Yes. They have a child, Jade Luna Kilcher, who was born in September 2017 with his adored wife.

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