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Who is Pata Seca Slave?

Pata Seca, or Roque José Florêncio, was a subjugated African in Brazil who confronted a day to day existence loaded up with mistreatment and dehumanization. His shocking presence fixated on his motivation as a raiser, bought exclusively to deliver posterity for his proprietor’s benefit.

Because of his apparent reasonableness for this job, Pata Seca was painstakingly decided to take part in associations with female captives to produce a hearty labor force having positive hereditary qualities.

Life of Pata Seca the Slave

Pata Seca’s presence was directed by the longings of his proprietor, who carefully guaranteed his wellbeing, gave more than adequate sustenance, and used him as a reproducer, like domesticated animals. The exact number or recurrence of his experiences with ladies stays undisclosed.

Regardless, it is approximated that Pata Seca sired in excess of 200 posterity, acquiring their dad’s oppressed condition. Thusly, they additionally persevered through subjugation, with some being sold for benefit and others compelled to work on their proprietors’ estates.

Pata Seca the Slave existence with his proprietor and spouse

Following the nullification of servitude in Brazil in 1888, he was concurred extraordinary honors and, surprisingly, presented a piece of the land by his lord.

Once freed, Pata Seca found fondness and love in the individual named Palmira, whom he married, and together they were honored with nine kids, laying out the foundation of their familial unit. On the land talented to him by his previous proprietor, Pata Seca the Slave sincerely dedicated himself to developing a new presence.

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After the cancelation of subjection, Pata Seca began another life subsequent to wedding Palmira. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1-For what reason did enslavers raise solid male and female slaves?

A To make genuinely prevalent posterity during subjection.

2-How did Pata Seca profit from creating posterity?

A-He got good treatment for his prosperity.

3-What was the name of Pata Seca’s homestead?

A-“Sítio Pata Seca.”

4-How could he utilize his income?

A-He accommodated his family and sought after his fantasies.

5 What caused Pata Seca’s passing?


6-Can individuals track down Data about him on the Web?

A-Indeed, individuals can get data on YouTube and on different stages.

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