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This article provides information regarding the Prom Texas Party Shooting and tells the readers about the facts regarding the shooting and its victims.

Are you looking for information about the Prom Texas shootout? A tragic incident recently happened in Texas, the United States, where 9 teenagers died. The incident happened on Sunday which makes everyone terrified. 

Readers want to know the whole situation regarding the shootout and who is responsible for it. Therefore, if you want to know every fact about the Prom Texas Party Shooting, check out the article until the end. 

What happens at the Prom Texas party?

On Sunday, a shootout happened at the prom party where 9 teenagers are injured. The incident happened when the prom party ended, and the teenagers enjoyed the after-party. 

Jasper County Texas Shooting

According to the police officers, the shot was fired at midnight at Jasper County, which was the prom party venue. When the police arrived at the situation, they found 9 teenagers with gun wounds. 

However, the wounds are non-life threatening, which gives everyone relief as no one has lost their life. There were around 250 people on the prom night when the incident happened, as per the statement of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office. 

Are the teenagers safe?

After the Shooting in Jasper Texas, the teenagers are taken to the nearby hospitals. 8 of the teenagers were taken to the Jasper Memorial Hospital and one of the victims was transferred to Christus Southeast Texas- St. Elizabeth Hospital. 

Everyone was asking about the shooter’s identity, but there was no information revealed anywhere regarding it. At present, no one knows about the real identity of the shooter and the reason for the shootout. 

Is there any other shootout that happened in the country?

After reporting the first shooting, i.e., Jasper Texas Prom Shooting, there were reports of another shooting. It happened within the city limits of Jasper, Texas, but luckily there aren’t any causalities.

The police are investigating the connection between the two shootouts to catch the culprit. According to the police investigation, there’s a common car in both shootout locations, making the whole case suspicious. 

Who is the shooter of Prom Night Texas?

The identity is not revealed, but the police investigate the scenes and check the surveillance camera. The sheriff found a common car which may lead them to the culprit behind the Texas Mass Shooting.

The 9 teenagers are out of danger as the gun wounds are not lethal. The school district said there would be a law enforcer around the school. There will also be counselors for the students who need any assistance regarding the bitter memory of the shootout. 

What are the reactions of the netizens to the incident?

Everyone was shocked after the news got viral regarding the shootout. However, people are asking about the culprit behind the shootout, but the police don’t have any answers. 

Prom Texas Party Shooting is one of the examples of mass shootings in the United States. Unfortunately, there isn’t any information about the reason behind the shootout and the connection between the two recent shootouts. 

Jasper School District’s reaction to the incident 

The Jasper school district posted a message saying they were trying their best to handle the situation. The school is open to supporting the police in any investigation so that the authorities can bring the culprit to justice. 


The Prom Texas shootout makes everyone nervous, especially the Jasper residence. Therefore, police cover the whole area and protect the school and the injured kids. Click here for more information. 

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Prom Texas Party Shooting– FAQs

1: Where did the shootout happen?

A: The shootout happened on the prom night at Jasper County, and the second one is nearby the Jasper city limits.

2: What are Jasper County Texas Demographics?

A: The town has 7,200 people and is located 143 miles, i.e., 215 km northeast of Hudson.

3: Is there any video of the shootout?

A: No video is available.

4: What is the description of the car present at both locations?

A: The description of the car which is located at both locations, is not revealed by the police.

5: Did the police find any lead regarding the incident?

A: The police are currently investigating the whole scene.

6: What are the ages of the victims?

A: The victims range from 15-19 years old. 

7: How many people were present at the party?

A: Around 250 people.

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