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The details of the Ricci Rivero Condo Video are shared in this post to let Filipino football players’ fans know about what he faced and his remarks.

For what reason did many cases that Andrea doesn’t talk about the subject? Did she record the female she was desirous of on camera? Who is liable for the new person to person communication arrival of the female in towel-clad film and screen captures? What result did that have? As indicated by an individual related with Ricci Rivero.

Who shot Ricci Rivero Condo Video was the worry of numerous people across the Philippines, Canada, and different spots.

Disclaimer: Without supporting a specific individual or character, we give realities in regards to events happening in different districts of the planet.

Who was highlighted in Ricci’s new film?

Ricci’s ex Andrea Brillantes requested that Ricci Rivero record the female in the entertainer ball player’s townhouse wearing a towel. Ricci said “her” while addressing who shot the recording that became a web sensation On Reddit during a discussion on Quick Talk With Kid Abunda on Monday, June 26, 2023.

Did Ricci part with Andrea?

Ricci Rivero Condo Video has spoken about the conditions encompassing his split from Andrea Brillantes, the prestigious entertainer. On the “Quick Talk with Kid Abunda” episode as of late, the b-ball player guaranteed he was moved to share his point of view of the story since the issues around him are as of now influencing his loved ones.

Were Ricci Rivero and the female’s recording distributed by Andrea Brillantes?

Ricci Rivero claims that Andrea Brillantes caught him and this female on camera in his apartment suite complex. The recording was the establishment for Brillantes’ allies to assert Rivero of cheating, which prompted the couple’s separation.

The tales that he detected a female at the house, coursing on Tiktok, Instagram, and so on, are the justification behind the split. However they brought it up multiple times and habitually.

With each confirmation he could marshal, he informed Andrea that the female was not his. At 12 PM, he was making a beeline for a mate and had no clue he was dating. In a discussion with Kid Abunda, Rivero expressed that Andrea gave him that.

Is the recording’s story valid?

A nearby partner of Rivero claims that the entertainer and the ball player’s story is inadequate. The insider reached out to tell you what he realized with respect to the recording posted on Twitter and was being utilized against Rivero.

The insider said that Ricci couldn’t bring along a woman since Brillantes has section to the ex’s condo complex and may appear there at whatever point she needs.

What happened when Andrea arrived at Ricci’s apartment suite?

Ricci’s companions asserted Rivero and his partners were snoozing once Brillantes arrived at the townhouse complex. They’re both in indistinguishable spaces. Considering that Brillantes approached Rivero’s home whenever, how should Rivero welcome a woman.

The discussion with Ricci neglected to demonstrate that Rivero was not the sole inhabitant of his condo complex, as referenced on Message. As Andrea appeared, an alternate individual and the one who was dating the female Brillantes was desirous of were likewise present.

Did Andrea catch Ricci in a townhouse?

When Andrea Brillantes came to, her cell phone camera was ready. He purportedly recorded the female as she rose up out of the solace region, wherein she had a shower donning just a towel when the entertainer supposedly endeavored to open the entry.

People guarantee that Andrea doesn’t examine the subject, yet she recorded the female she was desirous of.

Was the female in the recording uncovered?

The female, who was not uncovered and talked about guarding herself against the charges against her, isn’t found in the delivered video accounts or Pictures. Since Brillantes recorded the subject when she was in an unseemly situation, the individual who had her face stowed away has each privilege to be vexed.

Ricci explained that the lady Andrea had found in his apartment suite was his amigo’s sweetheart. Ricci added that Andrea had taken the clasp, which has acquired boundless prevalence on interpersonal interaction locales.

Did Andrea answer about the spilled film?

Andrea Brillantes conceded that she had done some unacceptable thing, and her nearby sidekick informed the sources. Additionally, he was sure that the female he was desirous of wasn’t the sort of individual Rivero would lean toward or scrutinize the Embarrassment, yet he was overwhelmed by envy.

Did Ricci Rivero authoritatively declare his separation?

Ricci reported his split with the entertainer half a month prior through web-based entertainment. Ricci conceded in a tweet that he tragically kept his relationship status confidential since he accepted it wouldn’t be important to additionally examine whatever was going on with them. Nonetheless, Andrea has not offered any remarks on their split.

Speedy Memoir

  • Genuine name-Ricci Paolo Uy Rivero
  • Date of birth-May 25, 1998
  • Calling B-ball player
  • Local spot Philippines
  • Weight-66 Kg
  • Age-25 years

Online entertainment joins


Ricci Rivero was as of late discussed after a viral video was freely delivered highlighting a lady in the towel in his townhouse. According to film on Youtube, Ricci denied any relationship with the female highlighted in Andrea’s video. He likewise expressed that he and Brillantes split on the underlying seven day stretch of May 2023, following almost a month of “chilling,” in a real to life discussion with the news sources.

Did you see Ricci’s new video? Notice your perspectives on the freely delivered film.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Ricci Rivero?

A football player

Q2. Has Ricci Rivero made his parted with Andrea Brillantes official?

Ricci pronounced that he had some time off from Andrea in April 2023, and their partition occurred in May’s most memorable week.

Q3. What were Ricci’s comments about the inclusion of family?

Ricci said he could endure it since he knows it’s false, yet he might have to assume responsibility and safeguard them from such issues when it is about his loved ones.

Q4. What was the justification behind Ricci’s parted with Andrea?

The competitor guarantees that few occasions and the viral clasp in which the entertainer was seen catching a female in Ricci’s condo prompted their partition.

Q5. Who was the female highlighted in Ricci’s video?

Ricci explained that the lady Andrea had found in his apartment suite was his pal’s sweetheart.

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