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Sarah Boone Jorge Torres:- Sarah Boone stood out as truly newsworthy in February 2020 subsequent to being blamed for zipping her sweetheart,

Jorge Torres, into a bag and passing on him to bite the dust. The episode happened at their home in Winter Park, Florida, and Boone was accordingly captured and accused of second-degree murder. While the preliminary is progressing, we should investigate the subtleties encompassing the case.

Sarah Boone Wiki

Sarah Boone Jorge Torres was a 42-year-elderly person living in Winter Park, Florida, at the hour of the occurrence. She has no criminal history and was not known to policing to her capture.

Sarah Boone Beau

Jorge Torres was Sarah Boone Jorge Torres beau at the hour of the episode. He was 42 years of age and had been involved with Boone for a very long time.

Sarah Boone Spouse

There is no proof to recommend that Sarah Boone was hitched at the hour of the episode. Nonetheless, it is muddled whether she was hitched or had been hitched previously.

Sarah Boone Beau Bag

As per police reports, Sarah Boone and Jorge Torres were playing a round of find the stowaway at their home when Boone zipped Torres into a bag and left him there. Boone purportedly left the room and didn’t return until the following morning when she tracked down Torres lethargic in the bag.

Sarah Boone Bag Wikipedia

The episode including Sarah Boone and Jorge Torres isn’t adequately prominent to have its own Wikipedia page. Be that as it may, it is referenced in Boone’s own Wikipedia page, alongside different insights regarding her life.

What’s Next for Sarah Boone?

Sarah Boone is presently anticipating preliminary for second-degree murder in the demise of Jorge Torres. She has argued not liable to the charges, and the preliminary is supposed to happen sooner rather than later.

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