[Full New Video Link] Tom Segura Dunk Video: Is His Dad Passed Away in Dunk Accident Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? What is in Contest Video? Kno Wife Details Here!

Latest News Tom Segura Dunk Video

The article highlights all the important points related to Tom Segura Dunk Video and explains the horrific accident in 2020 at the basketball court.

Have you watched the Dunk video of Tom Segura? Individuals from the US and Canada went over the video and said it was excessively realistic to be transferred on the web. Tom Segura dunk video came into Spotlight after his Netflix series Demolition hammer was delivered on the stage, where we can find him discussing his life altering situations and every one of the episodes that occurred.

In this article, we will likewise talk about the Tom Segura Dunk Video and get to know the subtleties of the video. Remain tuned to become familiar with the data.

Disclaimer-We don’t expect to put the opinions and in a bad mood of individuals related with the news. The news gave here is just to educational inspirations.

Most recent data about the Dunk video

Tom Segura discussed different variables that completely changed himself in his Netflix series demo hammer and the startling mishap he experienced on the ball court while playing with Bert Kreischer. The injury video is very realistic, and an admonition about the realistic visuals is given before the video begins. A similar video is being flowed by individuals on Twitter as of now, and we can see Tom going for a dunk, and he slipped and arrived to his left side arm, leaving him unmoving.

Is the video Viral On Reddit?

Yet again the viral video is flowed on all web-based entertainment stages, and the video is likewise present on Reddit. The video stunned his fans and individuals who had not seen the video previously, and we can find the jokester twisting up on the floor and a couple of his kindred humorists finding out if he was OK.

Individuals’ response on Instagram to the video

The occurrence occurred in 2020, however the video was circled in 2023, and many individuals who knew nothing about the episode came to be aware of the video, and they mirrored that the video was excessively realistic to be displayed on web-based stages. A substance cautioning is given wherever before the video begins and requests that the watchers view it at their tact.

Might the watchers at any point track down the video on TikTok?

The video has online conversations and has been shared on all internet based stages. Additionally insight about the video is being shared on tik tok, and individuals have run over the video on the stage too. The fall was extremely terrible, and Tom needed to get a nerve move to fix the injury. That as well as his X-beam report of the bone is likewise shown via virtual entertainment stages.

Presence of complete video on YouTube

The realistic video is available on YouTube, and the individuals who wish can look through on the stage and track down the video there, however we exhort watchers’ tact as the video show is upsetting and troubling. Tom additionally said he needed to take his medical attendant’s assistance to help him in the loo as he was unable to move his wrecked arm. The medical caretakers assist him with tidying up at the emergency clinic.

Tom makes sense of the entire Dunk Mishap that broke his life in the new Netflix series delivered on July fourth. He got tremendous recognition from his fans and pundits for conveying his best and thought about the series quite possibly of his best exhibition.

Conversation discussions on Twitter in regards to the dunk video

Netizena is very stunned, and they are looking into the demolition hammer as Tom examines the total mishap. About the alarming mishap, he said that the ball stunt in 2020 made tumult in his life and landed him in the clinic. He was likewise left immobilized for quite some time and said that even the specialist treating him couldn’t watch the video that showed his physical issue the subsequent time.

Tom Segura Challenge Video on the web

The challenge video on the stage has caught the consideration of individuals around the world, and the entertainer likewise showed a video of clinical staff treating him after his sad fall as they were shooting the tricks on the b-ball court. As the video acquired consideration, we discovered that YouTube eliminated the injury video from the stage, and the clients couldn’t find the video on the web.

Who is Tom Segura’s Better half?

Tom Segura has a spouse named Christina Pazsitzky, a humorist, and they have two kids together, Ellis and Julian Segura. Two or three lives in Austin, Texas. The two of them got hitched in 2008. Tom Segura co-has the show Your Mother’s Home digital recording alongside Christina. Tom’s significant other is 47 years of age and hails from Windsor, Canada.

Tom Segura Family

Tom had a dad, and back in December 2022, he posted that his Father Died. He was broadly known as the big enchilada from Tom and Christina’s famous digital recording. He was 74 years of age, and the explanation for his demise is obscure. In his web recording, we can likewise hear Tom amusingly making sense of his father and his way of behaving.

Virtual entertainment joins


Tom Segura’s ball stunt video has grabbed the eye of individuals all over the globe, and as demo hammer is gushing on Netflix, we recommend individuals who are intrigued to know total insights regarding the awful occurrence can proceed to watch the video where he makes sense of different fascinating parts of his life.

Have you watched the injury video yet? Remark underneath with your perspectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who is Tom Segura?

He is a well known jokester and a podcaster.

  1. What is Tom Segura’s age?

He is 44 years of age.

  1. What is reflected in the viral challenge video?

The video shows Tom’s b-ball stunt in 2020, where he broke his left arm.

  1. For what reason is Tom Segura well known?

He is well known for his different Netflix specials, for example, Demo hammer, ball hoard, and so on.

  1. Has the video acquired consideration from individuals on the web?


  1. What is Christina Pazsitzky’s age?

She is 47 years of age.

  1. When did the couple get hitched?

The couple got hitched in 2008.

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