{Update} Tv Quantum Arrested: What Is The Real Name Of Creator Of Tv Quantum? Also Check YouTube, Twitter, And Reddit Account Details

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Do you want to know about YouTuber Quantum TV? Are you interested to know about his arrest? If so, read this article till the end. Quantum TV is popular across the United States and CanadaPeople are also interested to know about his arrest.

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Why was Quantum TV arrested?

YouTuber Quantum TV has fallen into legal trouble as he has been arrested; according to the report, he has been accused of a first-degree felony for domestic violence. He gained wide attention quickly after his arrest. Earlier, the YouTuber was quite popular among viewers for claiming ownership through copyright claims. He claimed copyright over multiple videos created by others. He was also involved in a long-standing quarrel with another YouTuber, Kelly, known as “The Act Man.” Quantum TV has gained much popularity due to its excellent content on YouTubeHe has been creating content continuously to entertain his viewers.

Who is the Creator of Quantum TV?

The real name of the creator of Quantum TV is not available. This channel contains tech-related content. The creator also reviews the TV and calibrates the display hardware. Quantum TV also got a reputation for its controversial remarks on the LGBTQ+ community. It also responded to fraudulent copyright. Many people are eager to know this YouTuber’s details after being arrested. The news circulated over various social media platforms. Therefore, people are more interested to know the details. The recent legal issues of the YouTuber have drawn people’s attention.

TV Quantum Arrested and Reactions of the People

Different people reacted when the news of the arrest spread across various social media platforms. People pass the comment on his arrest. They are also eager to know about the reason for his arrest. The first news of his arrest was spread when a Twitter user shared a public record disclosing the arrest of Quantum TV. As per sources, the Twitter handle of the user is @rambotweety1. As per the report, the YouTuber is charged with the first-degree crime of domestic violence. It is almost a successful YouTube channel with more than 80k subscribers. The channel has uploaded more than 1k videos. When the news of the arrest spread first on Twittermany users started searching for the details of his arrest.

Why is Quantum TV’s real name not available?

Although many people are eager to know Quantum Tv’s real name, they cannot find it. Because the YouTuber prefers to live a secret life. He wants to keep his personal life secret and does not share anything related to his personal life. Although the personal life of the YouTuber is not available, people can know about the channel. Quantum TV was launched on August 10, 2017, and the creator uploaded the first video on June 30, 2018. More than 50k subscribers joined the channel on August 5, 2021. But, the Real Name of the creator is still not available.

Age of Quantum TV Creator

Like the real name, the Quantum TV creator’s age is also unavailable. Because he has not revealed the date of birth and the Year of birth either, therefore, it isn’t easy to know his real age. According to the pictures uploaded on his YouTube channel, it has been assumed that he is in his late twenties. Besides reviewing various tech-related goods, Quantum TV evaluates different media, including TVs and films. After the arrest of the Quantum TV creator, people are more interested to know about his personal life. The news of his arrest also spread across RedditDue to keeping every detail private, the real age and name of the Quantum TV creator have not been available till now.

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The arrest of the YouTuber has grabbed the attention of the people. The main reason for his arrest is domestic violence. He has already done many popular activities like claiming copyright over the videos or passing controversial comments on LGBTQ+. To know more, please visit the link

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TV Quantum Arrested-FAQs

Q1. How many subscribers do you have on the Quantum TV channel?

80.5k subscribers.

Q2. What type of content is available on the channel?

Tech-related reviews.

Q3. With which fellow YouTuber does Quantum TV quarrel?

Kelly is also known as “The Act Man.”

Q4. In which Year was Quantum TV launched?

On August 10, 2017.

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