Warner Robins Linkedin: Who Is His Wife? Check What The Viral TWITTER, And Reddit Clips Contains

Through Warner Robins LinkedIn post, we will discuss why the Georgia football trainer is in the news and what he has done.

Do you know who Mark Taylor is? Football Trainer Mark Taylor from Georgia has grabbed the attention of internet users Worldwide for his wrong remarks. His two-three video clips in which he seemed to give racist comment is viral on social media.

What did he say? What are the reactions of people regarding this? We will discuss it through Warner Robins LinkedIn post.

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What comment did Mark Taylor make?

Back-to-back video clip of Georgia-based football trainer Mark Taylor is viral on social media. In one clip, he is seen saying he had never encountered even a white person in Atlanta. He did not stop talking about how practically everyone in the city was black.

In one more clip, Mark is driving and referring to some “Ro” that Atlanta has changed over a year. Every restaurant, every car, everything seems black. He told Ro that Atlanta used to be fun, but now he does not want to visit it frequently.

What other viral TWITTER video clip contains?

What other viral TWITTER video clip contains

In one more clip, he addresses a black woman driving another car on the street. He told Ro that she was trying to pull out right before him. He showed one tree on the side of the street to comment something.

In another clip, Mark recorded from his hotel room. Innocently, he talked about the $129 jacket he won at the UGA 2021 national championship. However, the video’s tone immediately turned nasty and bigoted when Mark made another racial slur about Atlanta town.

The Reddit video continued when he called for room service and asked them to deliver some chicken wings and other stuffs. Mark Taylor hung the call by stating that he wanted to experience this “cheaply” and that Atlanta had just bought him a wonderful new jacket.


We do not welcome such comments through our writings. It is important to take strict action against such happenings to create a more inclusive and respectful community.

Who is Mark Tyler, and does he have a Wife and children?

Taylor is a Houston County native who works as a football trainer in Georgia. Additionally, he owns Speed Edge Sports, a company in Macon, Georgia, that trains aspiring college players.

According to reports, Mark Taylor was convicted in 2007 of stalking a lady. In 2009, he received a probationary period. In addition, Mark was found guilty of making harassing phone calls to his ex-wife, who accused him of domestic assault.

We do not have any information about Mark’s children. However, according to his biography, he attended the University of Georgia and won the Georgia High School Association Coach of the Year award six times. 


The racist comment by former Warner Robins Georgia coach has created online outrage after his clip is viral. Local news organizations tried to contact Taylor about his comment, but he did not reply. You can find Mark Taylor here.

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Warner Robins LinkedIn- FAQs

Q1. Who is Mark Taylor?

Mark Taylor is a football trainer in Georgia.

Q2. What has he done?

Mark Taylor of Warner Robins is seen commenting about black people in Atlanta.

Q3. What are people saying about him?

People started backlash on TWITTER regarding his offensive and unpleasant views on people.

Q4. Is he married?

His ex-wife also accused him and filed a domestic violence case.

Q5. Is there action taken against him?

There are no actions made yet, but local news media tried contacting him.

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