What Happened to Prichard Colon? (May 2023) Was the Boxer Paralyzed?

Latest News What Happened to Prichard Colon

Figure out What Happened to Prichard Colon and the fallout that trailed behind the mishap, and draw a nearer take a gander at Prichard Colon’s battle and its effect on his life.

Who is Prichard Colon?

What Happened to Prichard Colon, who was brought into the world on September 19, 1992, is a previous American-conceived Puerto Rican proficient fighter. He won the gold decoration at the 2010 Skillet American Youth Title in the 64 kg (141 pounds) classification and was a privileged WBC Best on the planet.

Tragically, after a battle with Terrel Williams in 2015, Colón fell in the changing area and stayed in a state of extreme lethargy for 221 days due to a drain on the cerebrum. The purpose for this unconsciousness was because of rehashed blows that he got to the rear of his head during the battle. Right now, Colón is in a vegetative yet stable condition, and he has been consistently working on after some time.

What has been going on with Prichard Colon?

Prichard Colon was an expert fighter who fell in his changing area after a battle with Terrel Williams in 2015. It was subsequently uncovered that he had experienced rehashed hits to the rear of his head during the session, which prompted him feeling woozy and sick. Specialists determined him to have a drain on the mind, and he fell into a state of insensibility that went on for 221 days.

During this time, Colon was in a vegetative state, bound to a bed, and expected to be moved around with a wheelchair. He was treated at Inova Fairfax Clinic in Virginia however was subsequently moved to the Shepherd Community in Atlanta, Georgia. At last, he rose up out of the trance like state and started the long course of recuperation.

Prichard Colon Injury

During a fight among Colón and Williams, Colón appeared to be driving in the initial five rounds until Williams over and over punched him unlawfully toward the rear of the head. Regardless of Colón illuminating the arbitrator about the unlawful punches, the ref made no move.

Afterward, Colón hit Williams with a dirty move and was punished two focuses. In the 10th round, Colón was wrecked without precedent for his expert profession in the wake of getting a few unlawful blows. In spite of the fact that Colón addressed the ringside specialist and communicated feeling unsteady, the specialist permitted the battle to proceed.

Prichard Colon Fighter Mishap

Boxing’s book of life tells stories of win and brilliance as well as incorporates sections of misery and misfortune. One of the latest is the narrative of Prichard Colon, a Puerto Rican fighter who was deadened after a battle in 2015.

Colon was brought into the world in Maryland, yet he and his family moved to Puerto Rico when he was 10, where he finished his expert examinations at San Juan’s College. He won a gold decoration addressing the island in the 2010 Panamerican Youth Title prior to turning star in 2013. He won his initial 16 sessions, including a noteworthy knockout of previous WBA World Light welterweight Champion Vivian Harris.

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