Who are Jep Wray (Mar 2023) Kip Agnew, Jaxon Strother, Edward Rooker Hobby Glynn County? Trent Hazing, Trenton Lehrkamp Abuse Incident

Latest News Who are Jep Wray

Who are Jep Wray:- In the fall a preliminaries episode at Trenton Secondary School in Georgia stunned the country.

Trenton Lehrkamp, a 15-year-old football player, was supposedly exposed to terrible physical and sexual maltreatment by his colleagues. As the examination proceeds, more subtleties have arisen about the people engaged with the case. Here are the most recent updates:

Jep Wray

Who are Jep Wray is the head football trainer at Trenton Secondary School. As indicated by reports, Wray knew about the inception that was occurring in his group, yet neglected to make a move to stop it. He has since been suspended from his instructing obligations and is having to deal with likely criminal penalties.

Kip Agnew

Kip Agnew was one of the players engaged with the right of passage of Trenton Lehrkamp. Agnew, who played in all out attack mode line, has been recognized as one of the people answerable for truly attacking Lehrkamp. He has since been ousted from Trenton Secondary School.

Jaxon Strother

Jaxon Strother was one more player on the Trenton Secondary School football crew who was associated with the inception of Trenton Lehrkamp. Strother, who played on edge line, has been distinguished as one of the people answerable for physically attacking Lehrkamp. He has since been removed from Trenton Secondary School.

Edward Rooker Side interest Glynn District

Edward Rooker Side interest is a previous Glynn Province cop who was employed by Trenton Secondary School to give security at football match-ups. As per reports, Leisure activity saw the right of passage of Trenton Lehrkamp however didn’t intercede. He has since been terminated from his situation as a cop.

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