Who exactly is Virginia Moore? Kentucky Sign Language Interpreter Passed Away

Latest News Who exactly is Virginia Moore

Who exactly is Virginia Moore – Virginia Moore, a beloved figure in Kentucky who inspired others to promote kindness and inclusion, died Friday.

How Did Virginia Moore Pass Away?

Governor Andy Beshear has formally announced the news in a Facebook post. The following is the message:

Kentucky, I have some devastating news to share with you. Virginia Moore, a native of Kentucky who taught us all the value of leading with love and inclusion, died yesterday.

During the pandemic, Virginia was a rock of stability and grace. She helped bring us all together during our most difficult times, so I hope you’ll join Britainy and me in praying for everyone who loved her today. I’ll miss her terribly, but as Virginia would say in our grief: “We’ll get through this; we’ll get through this together.”

Uterine Cancer in Virginia Moore

According to Lex18, Virginia Moore, an American Sign Language interpreter most known for her work at Governor Andy Beshear’s COVID-19 press conferences, has disclosed that she has been diagnosed with stage one uterine cancer, which will be treated in October 2020.

Moore announced her diagnosis by stating that she would have a hysterectomy and that there would most likely be no need for a follow-up. Moore said that she was treated at Louisville’s Brown Cancer Centre and is doing well.

Moore was honoured for standing behind Governor Beshear at a safe distance to offer vital COVID-19 updates to Kentuckians who are deaf or hard of hearing. She emphasised that she was one of the vulnerable persons because the CDC identified cancer as an underlying health condition that puts people at a higher risk of serious sickness from the virus that causes COVID-19.

Following Virginia Moore’s Surgery

According to Moore, the physicians were able to remove all of the cancer, and she will be watched for the next five years to ensure that it does not reappear, according to Wave3. She also encouraged Kentuckians, especially women, to get routine check-ups, mammograms, and pap smears.

Moore emphasised the importance of early discovery because her tumour was aggressive and necessitated surgery, yet it was discovered just in time for her to receive additional cancer therapy.

Moore expressed her gratitude to her fans for their generosity and support during her cancer battle, which has given her the strength to endure through difficult times.

Virginia Moore’s Death Cause

As of now, the cause of death for the late Virginia Moore has not been made public. Governor Andy Beshear recently confirmed the death of the aforementioned individual, however neither their family nor the officials have revealed any details on the underlying cause of death.

However, given the individual’s prior medical history, particularly her battle with uterine cancer, it is quite likely that it played a substantial role in her early death. Despite having received comprehensive surgical therapy for the aforementioned condition, the individual’s health cannot be completely ruled out.

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