Who is Mandana Bolourchi? (Feb 2023) Wiki, Biography, Net worth, Family, Boyfriend, Height, Age & More

Latest News Who is Mandana Bolourchi

Mandana Bolourchi (conceived 30 Walk 1994, Age: 28 Years) is a well known style model, online entertainment force to be reckoned with, humanitarian, inside fashioner, content maker, and business visionary from Tehran, Iran.

This lovely woman is most popular in the country for her astounding design content via virtual entertainment. Aside from this, she is likewise a renowned inside originator.

According to IMDb, She is viewed as one of the main design figures ever. She voyaged broadly all through her life and encountered a ton. Being a model, she likewise worked together with numerous well known style brands. This, however she additionally worked with numerous well known brands and top magazine organizations.

She has additionally been highlighted on loads of magazine covers. Other than this, she is likewise a social laborer and giver. Mandana has additionally worked together with numerous beneficent associations and NGOs. Other than this, Bolourchi additionally showed up in loads of TV programs. In this article, we give you the data about Mandana Bolourchi.

About Style Force to be reckoned with, Mandana Bolourchi

As per the reports, Mandana is a well known style force to be reckoned with. She is likewise a substance maker and style model. Bolourchi displayed for some well known design and excellence brands. Other than this, she additionally worked together with many top design brands.

This, yet she is likewise an expert inside fashioner. Mandana is a force to be reckoned with in the way of life industry, an inside fashioner, the proprietor of a business, and a financial backer. She has countless online entertainment and true fans.

Early Life, History and Instruction

This gifted lady was brought up in Tehran, Dubai, and Los Angeles in the wake of being brought into the world in Iran. She was presented to various societies when she was youthful, and she voyaged a great deal. As per the sources, Bolourchi took birth on Wednesday, Walk 30, 1994, in Tehran, Iran. Discussing her age then, at that point, she is 28 years of age (starting around 2022). Bolourchi follows the Christian religion.

Is Mandana Bolourchi dating Patrick Beverley?

As per the media reports, Mandana is most popular in the country as the sweetheart of Patrick Beverley. As per Wikipedia, Patrick is an expert ball player. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the Public B-ball Affiliation (NBA). According to the sources, Mandana and Patrick are dating for quite a while.

Who are Mandana Bolourchi’s Folks and Kin?

Subsequent to exploring a ton, we observed that Mandana was brought up in a very much settled family. According to the reports, her folks affected who she is today. She is likewise energetic about the various encounters and learning open doors to which she was first uncovered. In the wake of seeing her Instagram profile, we tracked down that Mandana’s mom Mrs. Mitra Bolourchi is a homemaker.


Mandana is a renowned style powerhouse and model. This, yet she is likewise an expert inside fashioner. As per her meeting in photobook magazine, she uncovered that when she was mature enough to drive, she would go on drives just to check out at the design around her. Her family visits numerous historical centers and landmarks. To see what was being assembled, Mandana even cruised all over building locales. She generally moved things around the house and enhanced the foot stools by any means of her family members’ homes when she was more youthful.

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